Everything is set up. I know I’m going to run out of money by the end of the year but I’m freaking excited. I hope my roommates and I get along.

Please please please PLEASE let her or her friend be interested.

Looking at my financial aid offer.. I need to accept loans, but I’m not sure how much I should.

Total month’s rent for August w/o utilities: 1045

My half: 522.50

Deposit worth same as one month’s rent:


July’s Pro-rated rent: 81.50 rounded down to 80

Divided by four ppl: 20

Renter’s insurance: 145 doesn’t need to be paid all at once

My payment divided by four ppl: 36.25


1065 upfront and 36.25 at a later date

Should I take it and sublease for August and September to get at least 1000 back?


Here’s Shugo Tokumaru’s cover of Video Killed the Radio Star in case that last post got you down. Trust me. This could make anyone happy.

Take me back to that beautiful night, por favor <3

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Aquarius Heaven - Universe

Im glad i decided to poke around tumblr.com/tagged/chopped-n-screwed

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Paying the difference for a subleaser doesn’t sound too bad, does it?

Mission accomplished: I think I’ve got a home for the next school year.


Cuushe - “Twilight”

This is gorgeous

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A Native American sends smoke signals in Montana, June 1909.Photograph by Dr. Joseph K. Dixon, National Geographic Creative

No name, no tribal affiliation, no specific location. Just generic “savage-slot” imagery designed to convey a sense of documentary realism without bothering to actually document reality. The caption is about as informative as “A white person doing a stereotypical white person thing in a state.”

So, a reverse image search led me to this page on the NatGeo website with this caption but no information about the individual:

Photograph by Joseph K. Dixon/National Geographic Stock

July 2012


These smoke signals were staged on a hilltop in Montana in 1909 for the book The Vanishing Race. The tribe of the messenger is unknown, but nearly all Plains Indians used this speedy form of sending news.

The book’s author, Joseph K. Dixon—an ethnographer sent by President William Howard Taft to document the disappearing traditions of Native Americans—became more than an objective observer. According to his book’s acknowledgments, while on a later expedition that spanned 26,000 miles and 189 tribes, Dixon was adopted by the Wolf clan of the Mohawk Nation and given the name of Ka-ra-Kon-tie, or Flying Sun.
— Johnna Rizzo


Paper Quetzal

I’m working on my résumé.. and I don’t have any activities listed.
I haven’t done shit with clubs and organizations during the three years here. Only during my first year did I join a club but I didn’t continue.

This application is due at 10AM.


I have a suspicion that paying off my student loans will not be as fun as animal crossing has led me to believe 

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