Target After-Hours Shopping Event:

As soon as we entered we received a standing ovation by the employees and goodie bags filled with skin products, later we were assaulted with granola bars and floss, and lastly given free gum and mobile phone screen cleaner.

Now, by the time I got the free pack of gum I saw the board with the text to win free stuff. I texted and I won four bottles of perfume: two for him, two for her.

After that round, since we arrived early by Zipcar, I really only needed to get soap for Alberto and condoms, of all things.

Thank God I wasn’t the only one. One of my friends took me to the aisle and left me. I just stood there playing with my phone until I heard a girl say, “I found them.” I looked up and she walked to the rack with two guys. We just started chatting. It was quite nice actually.

I wish them an eternity of happy, fun, sexy, and safe sex.